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Mindwalk – a Toronto based web design firm that designs and develops marketing websites for businesses in the GTA

In today’s marketplace your websites is the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. it’s imperative to create a powerful, persuasive and profitable website for your business. Mindwalk works with marketing professionals and business owners to create websites that integrate seamlessly with all their marketing efforts. We design and develop websites to create effective online marketing for your company. We design websites to pull in leads – convert prospects into clients and drive your sales higher. Read More About Mindwalk's Services >



Current Articles

Your corporate website is the center of your marketing Universe – But is it worthy of the position?

posted by Michael Huggins

With all the talk of all the different types of internet marketing available to businesses (email marketing, social media etc…) it is still true that your biggest marketing asset is still your company website. That doesn’t mean that other media aren’t crucially important, they are. But make no mistake – all paths often lead back … Read more

4 Steps to Optimize Your Website with a Keyword Strategy

posted by RJ Paterson

To get the highest page rank possible for your website – Google has to know who you are and what you do. The Google Spiderbots have to be able to crawl your site and get an accurate read on what you business does before they update their index (and start sending you customers). The Spiders … Read more

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